Let's see! The Soul Wealthy MAMA was founded on the idea that all women have the power to become so wealthy in life & business and embody their path to success on their own terms. M.A.M.A stands for Me As My Activator, meaning (mom or not) you have the power to birth your wealth, business & desires. The method taught in all free offers and all programs cover the framework of soul, strategy, and sales to make it totally possible for you to build a successful online business!

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In this free 2-minute quiz, you'll discover your signature wealth archetype to activate your wealth and take action on your business goals. Once you receive your archetype, you'll receive your designed soul, strategy, and sales actions to begin moving forward with the Soul Wealthy M.A.M.A Method. 

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I decided to launch my online coaching business at two weeks postpartum after realizing I craved the freedom to create wealth on my own terms. As a young mom and military wife, I used all the resources I had available to me to make the life I have now possible. Since making that decision, I’ve been able to travel with my family, host and attend in person retreats from Vegas to Texas, retire my husband at 24, and work with beautiful clients around the world.

Going from business college student to business coach, I knew my passion has always been in supporting spiritually gifted women to fully launch & scale their online serviced-based business. Whether you’re a coach, healer, consultant, or have a passion to create your wealth online, you’re in the right place!

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Love Notes

"From the moment I first met Heaven Leigh, I could immediately feel her divine energy, and her genuine, extremely compassionate nature as a lightworker. She is such a gifted coach! She not only inspires me daily (just by being her giving and gorgeous self) but her tailored and attentive approach to coaching the individual privately is second to none."

Ellyse Howe

"The thing I loved the most about working with Heaven was the fact that she never made me feel like nothing was possible. Through every challenge and obstacle I faced, she always assured me that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel... or that I could even switch the damn tunnel! She’s intuitive and logical at the same time, and I freakin’ love that!! Whether you are just starting out your biz or have been in the industry for some time, Heaven is your go-to coach to up-level not just in your business, but in all aspects of your life."

Sonya Rahman

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