My Journey:


+Started out as a beauty and money blogger

+Had my first baby (son) at 21 years old with my middle school sweetheart

+Launched my coaching business 2 weeks postpartum and while my husband was overseas (military family)

+Graduated with my Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management (also while traveling the world with my baby)

+Struggled through postpartum depression and focused so much on self healing

+Launched my private coaching and first ever course/group program.

+Launched my first mastermind & hit my first 5-figure month (2 days before my manifestation check was dated)


+Hosted my first in-person VIP Wealth Expansion Retreat with the best clients in Las Vegas, NV.

+Traveled to Paris and LA for a $15k mastermind (my first 5-figure investment and set the intention to keep investing in myself).

+Received my first certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a practitioner.

+Launched courses, group programs, and another mastermind.

+Graduated with my first coaching certification in money & marketing.


+Fast forward to a fully booked schedule with my Wealth Mastery private coaching program.

+Hosted my second in-person VIP Wealth Expansion Retreat with more amazing clients in Houston, TX.

+Gave birth to my second baby (daughter) - also the first birth my husband had the opportunity to be present at #militarylife.

+Focused solely on building out the Wealthy Boss Business Academy.

+Started my Master of Business Administration in Management & Marketing degree.

+Cried and spoke in front of hundreds of women while I set the intention at the Summit of Slay that my husband's upcoming deployment would be the last (don't skip 2020, girl).


+Brought my husband home full-time at 24 years old, so he could be fully present with our kids and focus on his education.

+Graduated with my Master of Business Administration in Management & Marketing

+Found out we're now expecting our THIRD baby! - first on the timeline for 2021.

+Graduated with two certifications (Practitioner & Master Practitioner) in NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques, Life and Success Coaching, and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Shameless plug here. I absolutely resonate with my archetype from my free quiz I offer! I naturally want to support my clients with instant transformations & discovering their higher power.



I love to not only be supported and be served, but also serve in return! I find the true value of connecting with others through my work is by serving them to reach their highest potential.



I'm a total introvert but love showing up for my people. I trust my intuition and prefer tuning into my feelings than only seeing black & white. I enjoy taking care of others and standing up for what I fully believe in.

advocate (infj-a)


I try to be super-mom, but just know it's totally okay when you don't have it all together. Sometimes, my husband has to tell me to take a break because I love my work that much. I love achieving big goals & knowing anything is possible.



Some of the little things: