"From the moment I first met Heaven Leigh, I could immediately feel her divine energy, and her genuine, extremely compassionate nature as a lightworker. She is such a gifted coach! She not only inspires me daily (just by being her giving and gorgeous self) but her tailored and attentive approach to coaching the individual privately is second to none.

She is open and willing to be of assistance and support at any time and always goes above and beyond to give me the strategy and mindset support I need to reach my life and business dreams. Heaven Leigh, thank you! I’m so grateful to you and your beautiful gifts!"

Ellyse Howe

"Through her beautiful pictures with her son, I could FEEL all her grace & high vibes instantly! I fell in love with her story and I could relate to her in so many ways as a first-time mom with a baby boy. It was seriously the BEST decision I ever made in my life, because from that point on, I experienced the most AMAZING BREAKTHROUGHS about myself and my biz! That sealed the deal for me to invest in her as my business coach!   

While still fairly new to the coaching world, I was able to learn and gain so much intuitive guidance, knowledge and resources, enough to successfully launch, execute and sustain a long-term, money-making online business. She provides TREMENDOUS support and more than that, she will pin point your strengths and money-making gifts SPOT-ON!

The thing I loved the most about working with Heaven was the fact that she never made me feel like nothing was possible. Through every challenge and obstacle I faced, she always assured me that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel... or that I could even switch the damn tunnel! She’s intuitive and logical at the same time, and I freakin’ love that!! Whether you are just starting out your biz or have been in the industry for some time, Heaven is your go-to coach to up-level not just in your business, but in all aspects of your life. Especially to all the moms out there - Heaven will leave you feeling that it’s more than possible to run a successful online business while never having to spare time from your family!"

Sonya Rahman

"Deciding to work with Heaven is literally the best thing I have done for my business. She knows her stuff and she showed genuine interest in ME and my success. She exceeded any expectations I had and made me feel SO confident, inspired and free to be me. It has been an awesome kick in the butt to let go of my limiting beliefs and start DOING. I have such admiration & appreciation for Heaven.

Every time she speaks it is like magic, and I wish that every woman could experience her influence. I am SO thankful I made the decisions to work with her (three times now!). I have no doubt I would still be struggling to get my business up off the ground if I continued what I was doing. Instead, I'm motivated and kicking ass in what I do with more confidence than ever!"

Felicia Floyd-Wildman

"Coaching with Heaven over-exceeded ALL of my expectations. I can’t even put into words how grateful I am to have hired Heaven as my private 1:1 coach! Within the first few months of working together, I had my highest paying month ($10k) and met ALL of my income goals. Did I say ALL? Heaven has been heaven-sent to me in my coaching business and I can’t thank her enough for the amount of time and energy she spent guiding me along this journey thus far.

Heaven has a way of mixing both her intuitive gifts with marketing strategies that freakin’ work and I truly believe it is because of the two, that has guided me to where I am now with my business. Not only does she have all things sales, marketing and business locked down, she is a great listener, has become a friend and meets me exactly where I’m at. I recommend anyone that is looking to up-level their wealth and coaching business to hire her immediately! She was the best thing I could have done for my business and overall well-being. Thank you so, so much Heaven!! #forevergrateful 

Kristen Noelle

"Prior to joining the Academy, I was lacking focus and clarity on my businesses. I was unsure of myself as a woman as well. The first thing I got was clarity on my business and aligning it to a higher purpose. After that, things started to shift immensely, and I've successfully created a launch plan, planned my social media content, and learned more about how to use my inner divine feminine. I have grown so much while having ladies to support me and my journey, as well as my growth. I've received strategies, support and clarity for my business, which is reflected in my confidence and motivation. 

Heaven supported me in raising my coaching rates, going from booking one client to selling $5,000 and also pre-selling my group program before even launching. I've also grown as a woman due to this Academy. It isn't just about making money and growing my business. It's about real growth and confidence within myself!"

Viviana Di Leo

"I joined the academy, and I love the small community. It’s very intimate and I love having the support! My biggest transformation is me realizing my biggest potential in my business, transitioning from a social media manager and podcast manager to an OBM, and gaining the confidence in myself to take that leap. 
I would tell someone on the fence about the academy that if you want the best tips and tricks to a business, an intimate coach and group who support and help you & someone who wants to help you in all areas, this is the best place to be!"

Charli Parker

"I HIGHLY recommend reaching out to her! She will have you on your feet and conquering the business world in no time! Heaven Leigh was a blessing for me! Within just a couple weeks, I was able to make moves in my business, attract my first client, and felt confident in the direction I was going. She taught me with mindset and taught me how to feel worthy, confident and reminded me of my why.

Little did I know that working with her would snowball into a TON OF ABUNDANCE! Thank you, Heaven, for all your wonderful tips, guidance, and more importantly for believing in me. I will forever appreciate and have so much love for you!"

Christina Valenzuela

"I want to express my gratitude to Heaven for helping me overcome obstacles towards success! My first call, I had a breakthrough. My first week I worked thru my limiting beliefs and then both of my businesses started to boom! I also saw success in a new opportunity that was such a welcome surprise. I've also just landed a long term coaching client and have bookings for my first workshop!

If you are questioning investing in yourself to work with Heaven Leigh, you absolutely should! She is supportive, engaging, and holds you accountable to do the work, helps get your mind & biz aligned and pushes you to level your ass up! Your return on investment will be well worth it! Plus, she's such a badass boss lady and coach, I absolutely enjoy working with her on any level."

Primrose Harris